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In my own way, I am an amateur "Wattsian" philosopher. I learned a rare & unique ability from my studies of Alan Watts, the great philosophical en...View Details

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Is the grass really greener on the other side of the fence? When's the last time we really took a look at the grass on this side? Mindfulness is looki...View Details

The old culture had a myth that said the world was created in 6 days.That culture was on course to destroy the world.The next culture had a myth that ...View Details

Maybe "Enlightenment" is really just remembering how to stop taking ourselves so seriously all the time.  Today is Tuesday, April 24, 2017. Welcome to...View Details

This spiritual plant has the peculiar effect of allowing us humans to become aware of our own consciousness. Marijuana, Meditation and Awakening. Toda...View Details

A lunchtime chat, while Tom & Micayla slurp soup and have really profound philosophical insights.  

Tom & Micalya discuss 9 aspects along the Taoist path of mental clarity, including a common-sense understanding of the human perception of "future...View Details