Christina Lucine Kaplan is our guest today and our topic is Empathy.

How do we learn what the emotion of empathy feels like in a culture that seems somewhat .... empty without it?

The rough edges of how we have been treating each other have impacted our ability and openness to exploring deeper relationships with each other.

Empathy is an emotional muscle ~ we can learn to strengthen it by witnessing others, by learning to listen more deeply to one another, and by taking a deeper step towards a willingness to simply "show up" for one another a little more deeply. To hear how each of us is showing up with deeper wounds than we may realize; and to help soothe those wounds by .... well, doing unto others.

The way we treat each other is a mirror of how much we respect ourselves. It's also a mirror for the way we treat the great Goddess Mother Earth.

We recorded this episode on the banks of the Boulder Creek in Boulder, CO, with the sounds of the gently flowing water, birds and passing humans creating the ambiance of an expression of the empathy of nature herself.

What can we learn from the sounds of nature when it comes to expressing ourselves more fully?

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