I'm looking for artists/authors to collaborate with on this concept of Wake Up Stories. That's the subject of the TEDx talk I'm developing, and the focus of this episode, an interview I did for "The Galavan," (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6p5npsjyOB0iRsuRtdbMBw)

We begin with a short discussion of one of my most potent influences, Charles Eisenstein's work, "The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible." Wake Up Stories" instead of Bedtime stories is a series of both illustrated kids books as well as short stories for adults. 

I believe as a culture, a very good goal to set at this time in the evolution of our culture is to raise our children without the repressive forms of conditioned thinking that have been influencing our civilization for so long. I believe the human mind has a far more incredible potential for creative thinking (solution-oriented thinking) than we believe. One thing holding us back is the type of deep conditioning we keep "infecting" each other with. How would an un-influenced mind see/address the global challenges we have created for ourselves? How would a childlike mind reframe the way we see the world? I believe we have as much (or more) to learn from our children as they have to learn from us. How can we raise the next generation to positively affect the problems we have so unfortunately, created for them?

"Problems cannot be solved from the same level of consciousness that created them," ~ Albert Einstein

What does the evolution of consciousness look like? How can we encourage it to develop and thrive in future generations? I believe one initial step is to offer our kids a sincere apology for what we have done. And encourage appreciation for all that we have created, too. And to be honest with them. About how much of a mess we're leaving them to clean up. Because, honestly, we don't really know how to. They can. If we can begin teaching how to think for themselves, and not believe all the toxic things we have been believing. 

I'm looking for other folks who this makes sense to. Please reach out. Looking for you.

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