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Hi, I'm Tom Tortorich, host of "Off the Spectrum," a podcast dedicated to those both on (and off) the spectrum who see the world differently. This is a safe space to express and find unique perspectives, perceptions and observations. We are dedicated to deeply listening and hearing one another, and expressing many divergent viewpoints in a safe space, that may otherwise come across as a challenge to neuro-normal thinking. Do you see the world through a different lens? Are you thirsting to meet others who see things differently and question implicit social conventions and hierarchies? Not all minds think alike. Neurodiversity is as important as biodiversity. 

I am also a self-published novelist ( and a Public Speaker on the very important topic of Global Warming. My flagship talk is: "The Birds & the Bees: Having the Climate Crisis Conversation."

This is no easy way to earn a living. Still, it keeps me quite busy. Speaking engagements are frequently done on a donation basis, as is support for this Podcast. 
After surviving a suicide attempt in 2018, I became even more determined to live a life of purpose. If you connect with my material, then I imagine you can see the difficulty that high-functioning individuals on the autism spectrum like myself experience. Your financial support is truly appreciated .... and definitely needed.

And, above all, thank you for taking the time to listen to this content and for having the open-mindedness and the courage to view the world through different eyes. Different eyes to see will prove even more crucial over the coming years as our society must face up to some very serious challenges. Being a future-minded thinker, I imagine a future, circa 2050, that has grown beyond the issues we are facing today. I hope, and I pray, that the transition will be peaceful.

With all of our collective minds at work, I do believe it can be. If I had one piece of advice for everyone, it would be to proactively listen more intently to different points of view.  As Jean Luc Picard would say, "Make it so."