The qualifications I'm looking for in a Life Coach are not a certification, but rather, being a good role model. Gordon Xavier and Allen Little, with...View Details

This is an audio recording of what is Chapter One of the non-fiction work I am writing, tentatively titled, "Murmuration." The term "murmuration" refe...View Details

Today's topics range from self-talk to motivation, to falling in love with your creator. Today's guest is Allen Little with A Little Motivation, who i...View Details

This is the Inaugural Episode of the "Off the Spectrum" podcast. Our guest is Andy Willmore, a speaker and presenter on autism-related topics. In addi...View Details

In October 2018, Non-Violent Protest against Global Warming got its start. The movement that was unintentionally sparked by Greta Thunberg has evolved...View Details

Christina Lucine Kaplan is our guest today and our topic is Empathy. How do we learn what the emotion of empathy feels like in a culture that seems so...View Details

True Mirrors

Proud of this short episode with Amanda Awethu Blain Conscious Growth Facilitator Coming in at just over 5 minutes, i like how succinct this episode t...View Details

The phrase "how to save the world in 6 days" came to me about three years ago. It comes from the Ancient Myth of the world being created in 6 days. To...View Details

Uncovering and recovering from socially traumatic conditioning is the work of our lifetime. And we are undergoing an emotional evolution. Our guest to...View Details

In some ways, the chronic stress our culture puts itself through seems on par with how we felt running away from lions thousands of years ago. Why are...View Details

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