Uncovering and recovering from socially traumatic conditioning is the work of our lifetime. And we are undergoing an emotional evolution.

Our guest today is Mandy Michelle from Kansas City, a teacher passionate about movement, yoga and dance, and "Akashik Dance" (our next episode).

Today, Mandy Michelle and Tom Tortorich discuss solutions to our culture's "root chakra" epidemic.

Our topics range today from the systemic roots of sexual shame leading into a cultural discomfort and fear of touch, and the emergency need for "Touch Therapy."

Touch deficits are physiologically measurable, and when the parasympathetic nervous system isn't receiving necessary touch, out entire systems go haywire. We are living in a culture that is chronically touch deprived.

The emerging field of touch therapy is still in its infancy with new professions for Cuddlists and various forms of
"Nurturing Touch Massage." Touch is only just beginning to be recognized as an essential aspect of Holistic Health, especially in a culture which experiencing an epidemic of loneliness.

We also talk about our Culture's Rite of Passage, as we are inspired to grapple with our collective shadows, as we look on in disgust at he-who-must-not-be-named and are motivated and inspired deeper than ever to heal our individual and collective trauma that's unavoidably coming to light.

These and many more perspective-shifting epiphanies on this special 12/12 episode of the Solution Revolution.




The Root, or "Muladhara Chakra", is the pranic area of the body concerned with the right to exist or belong.

When the root chakra is out of balance, we feel like we are losing ground or standing on thin ice. Anxiety surrounding physical safety, living situation, money, or career path can trigger or block the root chakra.

First introduced in written form in the Vedas, the word chakra means wheel, and chakras are visualized as circular disks resembling lotus flowers located along the spinal column. The chakras are energetic, rather than physical representations of vital energy centers. In modern day translations, working with the chakras is viewed as a path to self-actualization or spiritual awakening.

The Muladhara or root chakra is located at the base of the spine near the perineum in men and the cervix in women. Its primary concern is finding ground and security.



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