The qualifications I'm looking for in a Life Coach are not a certification, but rather, being a good role model.

Gordon Xavier and Allen Little, with a Little Motivation, the guests on this episode, are excellent role models of opened-hearted, tender strength. I find both Gordon and Allen to be true expressions of the healthy masculine, and I can't imagine better qualifications for discussing the field of Personal Transformation.

Today, we dive into Personal Transformation and unpack what that sometimes-cliche term truly means. The gooey tootsie-roll center of personal transformation is individuals who are evolving into self-confident, open-hearted and empowered changemakers in a world that is off-balance. A lack of emotional health appears to be at the very core of our society. A deeply unfulfilled need for tenderness and empathy (lovesickness) seems to drive us into ever more addictive cycles of consumerism and emotional avoidance. 

Personal Transformation is the process of reclaiming your personal strength and overcoming the fear of emotional vulnerability that keeps us away from healthy relationships and fills our lives (and oceans) with plastic. Personal Transformation along these lines is imperative for healthy emotional individuals, deep relationships, and the health of the planet. 

Gordon and Allen are both role models of individuals walking the walk. As Alan reminds us, and has given a TedX talk on, so much of this process begins with positive Self-Talk. Gordon's YouTube Channel has over 27K subscribers as he covers topics from communication and self-love to Lucid Dreaming.

All 3 of us do one-on-one coaching work in this field. Please feel free to reach out to any of us if you are going through a life transition, or simply feel that there is something deeper that you know is possible, but can't quite put your finger on how to find it.  We all need support to lift each other into the rich and nourishing lives that lie on the other side of Personal Transformation to your best life.

Thank you for listening,
Gordon Xavier @iamgordonxavier
Allen Little, with a Little Motivation
Tom Tortorich, Positive Enabler

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