True Mirrors

Proud of this short episode with

Conscious Growth Facilitator

Coming in at just over 5 minutes, i like how succinct this episode turned out.

We move into Collective Consciousness (vs. Carl Jung's collective unconscious), Intuition is 20/20, and we start with True Mirrors.

The discussion is around seeing ourselves and others clearly, and seeing ourselves through the eyes of others and relating to others.

When we look in a mirror, we see the inverse of our reflection, the backward image of a photograph, backward from how others see our face, too.

Similarly, the way others see us (our personality, who we are) is not who we really are.
They are seeing us through their own mirror, whatever that looks like.

When 2 mirrors are put at 65 degrees to each other, there is the effect of a double reflection, which un-reverses the image.  This is a lovely physical way of noticing and an analogy for coming to see ourselves for who we are real and not what the world around us is reflecting back. We have to be the True Version of ourselves and walk into the world as a True You, to be stronger than our shadows, and other's reflections.

Reflect back to others how you would like to see yourself.
~Golden Rule of the Mirror, Mirror on the wall.

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