This is the Inaugural Episode of the "Off the Spectrum" podcast. Our guest is Andy Willmore, a speaker and presenter on autism-related topics. In addition to being an individual on the spectrum, Andy also experiences synesthesia ~ for example, he can see color. Our fascinating conversation today ranges from there into the emotional "baggage" and misconceptions often associated with the diagnosis "Autism" and "Aspergers." We endeavor to get a little closer to what the "heart" of neurodiversity is for those of us who simply experience the world ... differently. We also discuss a wide range of additional topics, and our conversation loops through social norms, the tendency of reductionist thinking to oversimplify and categorize reality, and ... well, I wouldn't want to spoil the rest.... Our conversation meanders in its own natural flow, as I have found is often the way of things when conversing with individuals with remarkable minds.


A note:

Previous episodes in this RSS feed also appear. These are episodes recorded under my Podcast's previous label "Solution Revolution." As the host of this podcast for over 4 years, looking back, I see that all of the themes we've previously covered are very consistent with "Off the Spectrum"s mission: to give a voice to those who see the world differently. Although not explicitly stated, a number of our guests over the years have themselves been on the spectrum, and the topics we have covered often revolve around bringing implied social constructs into question. As such, their content remains more than relevant, and I have chosen to include them as a kind of Archive for "Off the Spectrum," so that the listener has a glimpse into where this show evolved from.

And, for any aspiring podcast producers out there, know that this show has been 4 years in the making, and I hope we are getting somewhere closer to sounding more and more professional with each episode.

If our content resonates with you, please contact me, Tom via email, or reach out via Facebook, Thomas Tortorich. I would be delighted to hear from you, or have you on as a guest.

And thank you to everyone who has the courage to see the world ... differently.

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